IAS Accounting Module

IAS POMs Accounting system helps company to streamline many key business processes that may result in increased efficiencies and reduction in operational cost. The system allows authorized users to identify access and analyze information at ease to respond to market needs & customer demands. IAS POMs Accounting system can be customized to fit the unique requirements of individual company.


Production statement that reflect expenses by cost per metric ton
Provide today and to-date value for company expenses and profit and loss
Reports to keep track that expenses compare with budget values
Efficient, fast and accurate in preparing for month end management reports
Enable management to monitor and control if FFB purchase, Milling or Sales and Marketing departments generate profits or losses
Enable real time management information and financial reports
Can be integrated seamlessly with IAS Weighbridge , Store and Payroll modules
GST compliance with GST in Purchase & Sales with Debit/Credit Notes & GST-03 Listing & GST Audit File (GAF)