IAS Weighbridge Module

An integrated weighing module that help you tighten weighing control, track FFB purchase, CPO & PK Sales, that enable management planning, monitoring and control of their businesses with real time information. Easy, fast and accurate FFB payment processing and customers invoicing. Empower the FFB purchasing department to negotiate and re-negotiate with FFB suppliers on better pricing and quality terms. Efficiency automation software that provides better control to the management with reduces administration cost. The ease of setting up accounting code in the IAS POMs Weighbridge system allows Sales and Purchases data to be integrated back to IAS POMs Accounting system.



Prevent of weight manipulation during weighing
Prevent manipulation of weighbridge ticket
Prevent double weighing of the same lorry
Ensure lorry is stationed within the weighbridge during weighing
Ensure weight capture is correct for 2 weighbridges with data integrity
Standardization and simplification of grading system
Efficient, fast and accurate in preparing FFB statement
Ensure that all despatches are invoiced
Enable management to monitor and control the FFB quality factors
Enable real time management information and operation reports
GST compliance with Sales Tax Invoice, FFB Self-Billed Invoice & Flat-Rate Scheme (FRS) for Small-holders
Sales and Purchase transactions can be integrated seamlessly to IAS Accounting module