IAS Payroll Module

IAS POMs Payroll system is part of the many suites of components of IAS POMs solution that may be purchased as a Companion Product or as a Stand Alone solution. Targeted for the Human Resource (HR) Department, it allows better handling and management of the entire workforce in an enterprise. Payroll processing becomes a brisk especially when it involves the computation of overtime pay where the attendance of the staff are electronically registered and their overtime is automatically computed with great accuracy using the Employee Time Attendance System. By setting up accounting code in the IAS POMs Payroll system allows salaries and wages data to be integrated back to IAS POMs Accounting system.



Enable daily updating of all wages information
Efficient, fast and accurate in preparing wages
Enable salary and wages entry control by departments
Two type of pay slips available for workers and staffs
Enable keeping track of workers’ leaves taken and outstanding
Enable management to monitor and control company wages and OT
Able to handle OT more 104 hours by the system
Enable real time management information and operation reports
Wages transactions can be integrated seamlessly to IAS Accounting module