IAS Store and Maintenance Module

The IAS POMs Store & Maintenance system that completely integrates purchases and issuance data with the back office IAS POMs Accounting. The IAS POMs Store & Maintenance system helps company to integrate their inventories (or stocks) with the purchasing and issuance activities for direct and indirect stock items. Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately with a control flow from purchase order to delivery order to invoices capturing. Reduce Operations cost and increase efficiency in warehouse operations and cost centers management from stations to machines that adopts activity based costing method to track costs of running cost of equipments (including its maintenance costs). Standardize allocation methods, inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. Synchronized operation between departments, from order capture to inventory replenishment that helps to reduce the inventory holding cost.


GST compliance with GST in Purchase of GST Stock & Non-Stock Items & GST Registered & Non-Registered Supplier
Provide information for spare parts usage by machines
Provide today and to-date costing information of machines and stations
Ensure that all receipts and invoices are based on Purchase order
Enable tracking of all outstanding deliveries based on Purchase order
Prompting and reporting if invoice prices are different from Purchase order
Standardization and simplification of receiving and issuing system
Enable management to monitor and control machines expenses
Efficient, fast and accurate in month end stock valuation
Enable real time management information and operation reports
Purchase and Issuance transactions can be integrated seamlessly to IAS Accounting module